About Bird Journal

We think Bird Journal is the smoothest, most intuitive recording experience for birds and wildlife.

There are apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android & the Web to give you the best experience on every device. Cloud backup & synchronization ensure your data is both safe and available to you everywhere.

First launched in 2009, Bird Journal now has thousands of customers across the world.


The team

The Bird Journal team consists of Christine, Heather & Justin Caldicott. We're a family business that's really passionate about what we do.

If you're a Bird Journal customer you've doubtless had contact with at least one of us. We strive to provide great support for Bird Journal.


If you've got a query or suggestion please see our support pages. You can search for help topics and tell us what you'd like to see next.

If you'd prefer to email us directly, you can reach us using mail (at) bird journal (dot) com.